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Terrific Tuesday peopple! BlackStar here for day 3 of my 25 Day Of Christmas. Last Night, I was flipping through my television channels when I came across this commercial about different Christmas Traditions. Of course, this made me thing about the different traditions my friends and I have. I my family of course, we celebrate the old fashion way: someone passes out the gifts and we take turns opening them. But my friends are different. In Walter's family, they're able to trade presents with each other and in another one of my friend's family, they wear matching pajamas. (Not always the best idea.) Anyway, everyone is different in their own special way and all it boils down to is how you spend time with family

<![CDATA[THe christmas meaning]]>Mon, 02 Dec 2013 15:19:26 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/the-christmas-meaningPicture
Marvelous Monday  everyone! BlackStar here for the second day of the 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. Stats over the Thanksgiving break were pretty high, so that's good. Many people submitted for the Star Contest and I am pretty impressed. Christmas is just around the corner, and I was wondering: what exactly is the meaning of Christmas to you. To me, it's about appreciating the time you have with family and friends, and how grateful it is to spend time with someone. Or the presents. Possibly just the presents. (Just kidding.) Anyway, today's only the second day so I will see you tomorrow. This is BlackStar, logging off. 

<![CDATA[BlackStar's 25 days of christmas]]>Tue, 26 Nov 2013 17:56:19 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/blackstars-25-days-of-christmasPicture
Merry Tuesday everyone! BlackStar here with his last post before Thanksgiving break. Since the first of December is a Sunday, I have decided to start the countdown today! But how do I expect to start the days before Noel.... well, actually, I have no idea! I know, how about we have a contest! This applies to everyone out there. I need help redesigning the logo for this site and you could be the designer! Every, send in you contest entry to my email below:
and see who wins! All entries will be posted on contest page, but only one will become my new logo. The winner will be announced Christmas Day. Get designing and I will see you tomorrow. This is BlackStar, logging off.

<![CDATA[Redesigning!]]>Mon, 25 Nov 2013 19:37:04 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/redesigningPicture
Merry Monday everyone! BlackStar here with exciting news. As you have probably already noticed, my official site (now renamed The Star Site) has underwent some major changes. With a different theme and style, this website is going to get only better! And with the start of the 25 days of Christmas tomorrow, nothing could possibly go wrong! We

<![CDATA[Cookies= Happiness]]>Fri, 22 Nov 2013 22:47:01 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/cookies-happiness

Freaky Friday people! BlackStar here with my awesomeness! I know the blog title is kind of weird and it is because I am eating cookies (who says money can't by happiness). Anyway, how is everyone? I am pretty fine here writing. I've been tired lately with helping my school with this kinda weird play they're putting on. Yeah, such is life. I'll have to be here Saturday and Sunday as well, so I might just do a weekend post as well. I just realized something: happiness can be found almost anywhere in mostly anything (except the dictionary. Sad isn't it?). Ok... That was strange. Well, this is BlackStar, logging off.

<![CDATA[Anouncement]]>Mon, 18 Nov 2013 15:32:31 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/anouncementPicture
Happy Monday people! BlackStar here with a few announcements. First off, my story Tales of BlackStar is scheduled during the first week of December as the beginning of the 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! Second, the countdown will begin next Tuesday, due to the fact that December 1st is a Sunday (I hate Sundays). So yeah that is all. More people have been come on this site and I am happy to say that 625 total people have visited this site since the very beginning. That is all. This is BlackStar, logging off.

<![CDATA[rebirth]]>Thu, 14 Nov 2013 15:35:17 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/rebirth
So, yesterday, after I posted, someone sent me this link to this video above. I watch the video and I realized that is was... me. I just had to post this to everyone to view. This has taught me a lesson. Apparently, I have forgotten the number one rule of BlackStar: NEVER GIVE UP! THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE! BLACKSTAR IS BACK AND IS BETTER THEN EVER! HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WENT ON THIS SITE YESTERDAY AND LEFT MANY COMMENTS. I here to stay and shine like the star I truly am! My burning passion for helping others has been reignited and is now blazing more then ever! Things are looking

<![CDATA[Am I wasting my time?]]>Wed, 13 Nov 2013 15:31:30 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/am-i-wasting-my-timePicture
It's wednesday people. BlackStar here with some bad news. After much thought and multiple hours of sleep lost, I have decided to... shut down the site. I know, this highly unexpected, but I have to! Ratings have gone down, people are posting bad things about me, and this site is causing me to drive all my friends away. I litteraly have no one to talk to anymore, and I just need some time alone. It is highly likely that this will be the last post for a very long time, so, I guess this is goodbye. This is BlackStar, logging off for the last time.

<![CDATA[A little help here!]]>Tue, 12 Nov 2013 20:32:21 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/a-little-help-here

Hey everyone! BlackStar here for another day of advice. Actually, I'm the one who needs the advice. See, there's this... girl. Not naming anyone! We're friends and all, but I have no idea how to ask her out. I've heard to just ask her without delay, but it's not that easy. Help please? - BlackStar

<![CDATA[sorry for the delay]]>Mon, 11 Nov 2013 12:06:32 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/sorry-for-the-delayPicture
Hey everybody! BlackStar is back with an apology for the last week or so. I was busy with my editor planning the 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! Yes people! It is a Star-tastic 25 days of a BlackStar Christmas, starting November 30 (since December 1st is a Sunday). I will be reciving my Chormebook on the 9th, so this site will get a whole lot more awesome. Running out of time, so see you tommorrow. This is BlackStar, logging off.

<![CDATA[nightmare scare fest]]>Thu, 31 Oct 2013 12:50:53 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/nightmare-scare-festPicture
You can feel it. The fear inside of you as you run from the unknown. You know that it's near, but which way? Your heart beats faster, the palms of your hands are wet with the sweat of fear. You want to run, but which way? You want to hide, but where? You can't think straight! You come to a decision, but it's already too late. It's found you... the demonic GIANT MUTANT BIRTHDAY CAKE....

Happy Halloween people! BlackStar here! Today, my costume is a Homicidal Maniac (they look like everyone else :) ). Who's going trick or treating tonight? I might, but it mostly depends on my mood in the next few hours. I was (surprisingly) invited to my forth Halloween party. My site has been updated! The rules are back after much editing, as well as the Thing the Week. Check them out and I will see you tomorrow. This is BlackStar, logging off.

<![CDATA[be the change!]]>Wed, 30 Oct 2013 18:35:26 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/be-the-changePicture
Hello everyone! BlackStar here again! I apologize for not being here for the past couple of days. I was at this thing called Challenge Day for the past two days, which is what this post is about. This event opened my eye to how people, especially teens, judge each because of how we look on the outside. We judge each other because of fear. Fear of being the one judged. I say that fear is a choice. It's a level of insanity that we go through when we worry about what may happen in the future. We should just enjoy the present in the moment that we have now. Being unique is the best possible thing that could every happen to any human being! If we can all just look past out apperence, we could fix the problems of the world

<![CDATA[Guess who's back]]>Thu, 24 Oct 2013 11:08:35 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/guess-whos-backPicture
Thundering Thursday everyone! BlackStar back with much more energy then ever! Testing is finally done, so I can finally get back to work for once! Not much to blog about lately, so basically I just have to type up my story (Tales of BlackStar) onto the empty Story page. I'll get started now. See you later! This is BlackStar,  logging off.

<![CDATA[Let's play catch up!]]>Mon, 21 Oct 2013 15:28:41 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/lets-play-catch-upPicture
Marvelous Monday everyone! BlackStar here to help those who need advice to help them in there lives! So, for the last few days, I wasn't able to post anything because the library was closed. (Stupid testing!) Let's catch up on the last few days:
  • Last Wednesday: Costume Day. Saw many interesting things...
  • Last Thurday: Green day
  • Last Friday: Sick.....
Saturday was the Homecoming dance. This was a great experience! Saw some people who want me dead.

<![CDATA[to be unique!]]>Tue, 15 Oct 2013 11:21:07 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/to-be-uniquePicture
Terrific Tuesday everyone! BlackStar here with more advise for the troubled and the crazy. Does anyone remember my post about "Life and Labels"? (Go ahead... scroll down if you want.) I had said that being an outcast was a bad thing. But today, I'm going to mess with your mind a little bit. You see, there are some advantages to being an Outcast. You see, being an Outcast allows you to be what every you want! People who are in groups are stuck to act the way of that group, where as outcast can be what they want! You could be an actor one day, and a singer the next. The possibilities are endless people! Running out of time, so I will see you tomorrow! This is BlackStar, logging off.

<![CDATA[Seras victoria: the police girl]]>Mon, 14 Oct 2013 15:38:38 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/seras-victoria-the-police-girlPicture
Magnificent Monday everyone! BlackStar here with great news! My bodyguard, Seras Victoria (the police girl) has just created her own website! It's below:
Here's a word from out sponsors!


 VEGETA: IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALUCARD: Perfect......

This is BlackStar, logging off.
<![CDATA[it's friday! friday!]]>Fri, 11 Oct 2013 15:21:15 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/its-friday-fridayPicture
Hello everyone! It's Friday! Ignore the picture. Anyway, just wrapping up the week. Today's total people is... I have no idea. I don't really check, my editor does. Anyway, I didn't finish my post from yesterday. Just read this: Girls are the most complex thing in the universe. We have our ups and downs. But the one thing is, you cannot be afraid of us. If you really like someone, go the extra mile to try to talk to her. Showing her that you will go out of your way (with a reasonable reason) to talk to her, will score you some points in her book. If u think she like you, don't change how you act, she likes you for you. 'nough said. This is BlackStar, logging off.

<![CDATA[to have a crush or to be crushed!]]>Thu, 10 Oct 2013 15:29:20 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/to-have-a-crush-or-to-be-crushedPicture
Thundering Thursday people! (I know "thundering" isn't an adjective, but it just sounds cool) Yesterday, the FREAKING POWER WENT OUT, so I wasn't able to post anything. You might notice a few changes to the site. We had... "problems"... with the rules of high school. Yeah.... not going to go into details with that. I'll explain later. It had something to do with harassment (again).  Anyway, numbers have shown that 13,337 have seen this site! Amazing! Friday, I was asked this question:
  • Hey BlackStar! I have a problem. I like this girl, and I think she likes me too. But I can't seem to talk to her. Any advice?
DON'T GIVE UP! DETERMINATION IS KEY! LOVE IS THE GREAT CHALLENGE OF LIFE! I'm recently in the same situation. Keep going and I will see you tomorrow.

<![CDATA[The new arrival]]>Tue, 08 Oct 2013 11:17:23 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/the-new-arrivalPicture
Terrific Tuesday everyone! BlackStar here with amazing news. As when I last checked it, this site has gotten 11,564 people view it nationwide! The numbers keep growing! Anyway, sorry I didn't post yesterday. My editor was sick and I gave her the day off. So I was running things by myself. Yeah.... didn't out well... But here I am now! On Friday, I was asked this question:
  • "I need help. I'm a new kid at my school and I need help making friends. Any help?"
I have been in this type of situation before. Here's what you do: start with small talk. Find a space at lunch and talk to someone there. See what you guys have in common and go off of that. Try it and I'll see you later. This is Bla

<![CDATA[Break!]]>Mon, 07 Oct 2013 15:21:19 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/breakPicture
Taking a break today guy's. Not feeling good. Sorry!

<![CDATA[friendly fire]]>Fri, 04 Oct 2013 11:21:17 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/friendly-firePicture
It's Friday! Welcome back to my blog everyone! BlackStar here with new advice for those out there who need it . First off though, last night this site got a record 77 people view it! Let's make it 100 people! Anyway, many people have been giving me great ideas for future post. Such as below
  • "BlackStar, I need help. Two of my best friends are fighting and I can't make them stop. Any advice?"
I've been in this type of situation before. You have two choices: either let them solve it themselves, or try to help solve the problem. Try a peer mediation kind of thing. Sit them down in a room and let them talk it out. It has a 75% chance of working. There's a chance that they're making a big deal out of nothing. Try it and I'll see you monday. This is BlackStar, logging off.

<![CDATA[October 03rd, 2013]]>Thu, 03 Oct 2013 22:10:41 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/october-03rd-2013Picture
    Happy Thursday everyone! BlackStar here with yet another bit of advice on life. As I walk through the halls of my school, I can't help but notice all the different groups and cliques that are around. There are a lot really. Here they are:

Jocks: Ego-swelled athletes who think they run the school just because they play a sport.

The Popular People: Those who are either rich, good-looking, or have found a why to wear the right clothes at the right time.

Gamers: The people who spend many hours awake at night trying to beat one single level of a video game. They eventually get VERY into it after a while.

Brainiacs:  The future scientist, lawyers, or other people who need 5 or more years of college to archive their goal

Band Geeks: They play band. Nuff' said.

    Everyone else who doesn't fit into these categories is considered the lowest of all ranks in school: an Outcast. Like yesterday, this entire issue has to do with the status quo. Outcast aren't accepted just because they don't fit in. That is cruel and inhumane people! Does fashion and good looks really determine your life in school. This isn't just in high school either. It happens in middle and elementary schools every where! Amazing, is it not? How our life is defined through school with just a first impression. We have to work together to reget the status quo before this gets out of hand. Talk to someone of a different status. Make a new friend. This is BlackStar, logging off


<![CDATA[down with bullying!]]>Wed, 02 Oct 2013 22:41:18 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/down-with-bullyingSo, I got on the bus yesterday afternoon and I see this kid hiding in the very last row of the seats. I sat next to him and asked him why were they hiding. He/she looks at me and says that the older kids on the bus very making fun of him and throwing things at him. Seriously people? I am not lying when I say that this kid looks like they're about to cry. It's just wrong! Why can't we all just be around each other without having to try to prove that we're better then someone? It sickens me to my core! All this has to do with the status quo: the status you have at a certain level in school. (You'll know more about that tomorrow.) Anyway, it has to stop. Like, NOW. As in at this very moment. Clearly, when adults talk to us about it, it doesn't work. But it does effect everyone around us. I share a personal connection to bullying. I once had a friend (who will not be named) who was sick and tired of people bullying him. He went mad, and a week later, hanged himself. See the effect? BULLYING COULD LEAD TO DEATH AND DESPAIR!!!! It just hurts me on the inside when I see this kind of stuff! EVERYDAY! It has to stop! If you see someone in trouble, help them out! Try to do this and I will see you tomorrow]]><![CDATA[reformation!]]>Tue, 01 Oct 2013 15:35:31 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/reformationPicture
Hey guys! It's me again! It has come to my attention that I have made many mistakes. So, as of right now, I will remove any names I have used in both the blog post and on the actually list of rules. That way, everyone is happy! So, check them later when you have time and I will see you tomorrow. BlackStar, Logging off.

<![CDATA[Hey guys!]]>Mon, 30 Sep 2013 20:30:45 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blog-from-the-begginging-to-dec-3rd/hey-guysHey guys! Yeah, I kindda accidentally erased the original blog page from the site as I was editing. (Blame my editor. (Sorry!)) Anyway, my original post will resurface later on, so expect repost coming soon, starting with the Life and Labels on. Stay tuned for more as I try to recover from this mess! My email is still below:
 And so is my groveshark account:
So stay tuned. This is BlackStar, logging off.