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Salutations everyone. This is Gatsby Haslyn, greeting you to the website on this frosty yet young November morning. I do hope everyone had a splendid All Hallow's Eve last night and were able to return home safely. It is now November is here and there are only two months left in the year, or in more time-wise terms,  1464 more hours left as of right now when this blog is going up.
Now then, not sure if anyone remembers this, but we have been deciding on a new name of our little group or "team" if you will. C.S.K. Studios has been our first name since the creation of the website. However, seeing that CrownZ has passed away and Ms. Illunis Knightly hasn't been on, my brothers, I, and the rest of the group have been talking and we have agreed on a name. I am proud to announce that we have changed our name to represent both our determination and one of our favorite anime (and no, it is not Spice and Wolf). We are now known as Team Gan-Gan Gurren. 
Now you're probably wondering on why we choose such a ridiculous sounding name. Well, allow me to explain. You see, in japanese, "Gan" can be loosely translated to "an eye" or "all seeing eye" and "Gurren" can be connected to "Guren" which is translated to "Crimson-colored lotus." So, technically if we were to translate the name, we are The team of the All Seeing Crimson Lotus. Indeed it is bit of a long name, which is why we went back to the japanese form of it.
I would love to hear your thoughts down below and see what you guys think of the name. Until we meet again my dear readers, this is Gatsby Haslyn, wishing you all a good day.