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 What is up people? BlackStar here and welcome to Friday, October 30th, on this awesome SCHOOLOWEEN! Oh, wait, you guys don't know what that is. Okay, so Schooloween is the last day of school before Halloween. It only happens once every few years. Schooloween can also be known as the day that you have school on actual Halloween, but why not just call it Halloween then? Anyway, today was pretty awesome. I was honestly surprised about all the people who dressed up. How about that Halloween spirit, am I right? Now, I did record some video with my camcorder BUT I have decided not to put it up. It was a fun day and I wanna keep the memories for myself. Hate me if you want, but I'm pretty sure that if I did put the video up, it wouldn't be anywhere as good as some of the Schooloweens that you guys had today! Anyway, I better go. I am at work right now. Like, my job in real life. Peace guys and Happy Schooloween everyone! This is BlackStar, logging off!

<![CDATA[the history of the green-clad elf!]]>Wed, 28 Oct 2015 22:20:48 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-for-october-2015/the-history-of-the-green-clad-elfPicture
What is up guys! BlackStar here and welcome to the evening of this Wednesday afternoon! How is everyone today? I'm doing fine, thanks for asking (whether you did or not.) So I have some great news tonight guys! After a good few months of searching, I finally got my hands on a copy of The Hyrule Historia!
At, it's the PDF file version of it. I know, I know... I could have just bought it like all the other people out there in the world, but right now, I don't have the time nor the money to do so, so I found an easier alternative! Anyway, I have started to read the book and I'm going to read it front to back, every single INCH, NOOK, AND CRANNY  of this book, from cover to cover, so that I can learn all that is to off in the world of Hyrule, from the first game in the Timeline to the last. Hey, who knows? I might actually find a theory or two out of this! If I ever do get my hands on the real Hyrule Historia, I will do a book review on it just like how I'm going to do with Maximum Ride: Forever  when I'm done with that book and get through all of the ABSOLUTE TEARS AND PAIN OF THOSE KIDS.
...ANyway, I better go. I have reading to do! Time to break this open and dive right into the universe of Hyrule!
​This is BlackStar, logging off!

<![CDATA[when "Forever" isn't enough]]>Tue, 27 Oct 2015 12:43:16 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-for-october-2015/when-forever-isnt-enoughPicture
 righ rightHello hello everyone! Welcome back to C.S.K. Studios on this smashing Tuesday morning! (I know, I know. Bad pun is bad.) How is everyone today? I literally made that terrible joke just because I found this awesome GIF of Miku smashing the screen with a crowbar. Talk about not liking the slow internet, am I right? It's been about three or four days since I've blogged. I've been, surprisingly, reading. Yes, READING. I've been engulfed in Maximum Ride: Forever, the final book in James Patterson's Maximum Ride series. Now, let me just get this out of the way. I was PISSED when I saw this book at Wal-Mart. I mean, it's been about, what, TWO OR THREE YEARS since Nevermore came out and that was suppose to be the last book. but NOPE. JUST NOPE. James was just like "Screw it. Time for a new book!" Anyway, this book starts about three months after Nevermore ended. I've been really been into it though. It's getting good, pretty...graphic in the beginning, but it's not too bad. It does hit your right in the feels like a bus but it makes up for itself. When I'm done reading it, I do plan to do a book review for it on YouTube. Yes, I'm going to sit in front of a camera and talk about a book for about 5 to 10 minutes. Anyway, I better go! I'm in class right now. Plus, I have a book to read after all! Until next time, this is BlackStar, logging off!

<![CDATA[old friends, new memories]]>Thu, 22 Oct 2015 20:28:56 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-for-october-2015/old-friends-new-memoriesPicture
What is up people? BlackStar here! Welcome to the afternoon of another sweet, sweet Thursday! How is everyone today? I am doing good. Nothing exciting happened today, but yesterday was freaking amazing! An old friend of mine (who's name I will not be including in this blog) video chatted me from their new location, seeing that they moved about about a year ago and we've only been instant messaging each other, never actually seeing each other in real life. But yesterday, after a good few days of planning, we FINALLY got to video chat and it was great! The feeling of nostalgia you get when seeing an old friend who has fresh new ideas to spread across the world! It's moments like these that one must cherish forever, am I right? Well, that's my mini rant. See you guys tomorrow for something possibly awesome. And remember, keep smiling! This is BlackStar, logging off!

<![CDATA[the universe and it's second chances]]>Sun, 18 Oct 2015 21:05:20 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-for-october-2015/the-universe-and-its-second-chancesPicture
What is up people?! BlackStar here on this amazing, one of a kind Sunday Morning! I know, I know, I'm a bit too happy for today's blog, but I can't help it! Something happened and I'm just really really REALLY happy, okay? I can't tell you what it is unless it completely or doesn't completely happen. I know, I know, I'm keeping you in the dark, but that doesn't mean that I won't tell you eventually! Let's just say that the universe has given me a second chance to make things right, you know? Well, my universe has given me a second chance, seeing that your universe and my universe are both different and the say thing. I've been meaning to explain my way of thinking to you guys, so I might as well do it now! :D 

I'll be using this venn diagram as an example, okay? On the left is  your universe and on the right is mine. And you see that little red space in the middle? That's the universe that we share?
Here's how I can best describe it. We all live in one big world, yes? One world that we all share that we cooperate together in and such. That's what the red part is. It's the universe that we share. However, on either sides of that red space is two different universes, or in simpler terms, two different ways of thinking. Two people can live in the same house, sleep in the same room yet see the world in a different way than than one another. And of course, it doesn't just happen between only two people. The more people, the more universe and the more the shared space grows, as well as the amount of people who think differently. Even the slightest difference between two people could make a new universe light years wide.
This is how I think. I live in both worlds. I share it with all of you, but I manage to shape the world around me in my own way. Sometimes, my universe collides with someone else's and it makes something great. Sometimes things don't work out. But ever once in awhile, two universes collide and they make something that is beyond amazing, possibly rewriting your definition of amazing altogether.

This is why I'm always so happy because that's what I want my universe to be. True, there are times when other emotions are gonna have to come in, but the universes I share with my friends will make me better. I've made some really good friends lately. I met a guy who's not scared to cry to ask for help even though he looks like the strongest man alive. I've met a girl who speaks little, but will always be there for you and says things that will you can't help but smile about. Take a moment, say thank you to the people who make your universe just the tiniest bit better, and I'll see you guys around! This is BlackStar, logging off!
<![CDATA[Human emotional relation studies]]>Sat, 17 Oct 2015 02:06:32 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-for-october-2015/human-emotional-relation-studiesPicture
Guess who's taking a new personal class? THIS GUY! What is up people? BlackStar here on this clear and cold Friday night, coming at you from the Midwest tonight! How is everyone tonight? I'm doing good, thanks for asking! There was a pep rally today at my high school today for the Homecoming Dance this weekend and it was pretty go... Okay, I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty bad. The dance team...ugh... Anyway, I decided to teach myself something important for life. I'm teaching myself about humans. I know, I know, I am a human, but I wanna be more human, you know? Let me explain.
I'm usually really happy and cheery around people, but that the only emotion that I seem to have as of late. When the going gets tough, I just get more happy. So, I've taken it upon myself to teach myself how feel other emotions and be a bit more, well, normal. Don't worry, I'll still blog, but this time I might give better answers than give only happy ones! Ask me anything you wanna know about my studies or if you have a topic you want me to talk about, just comment here or find me on Twitter @Real_Star_Chan. Well, catch you guys later! This is BlackStar, logging off!

<![CDATA[something big happened! something very big]]>Fri, 16 Oct 2015 02:22:02 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-for-october-2015/something-big-happened-something-very-bigPicture
 OKAY! I'm just gonna skip the intro and get straight to the point. Guys, something big happened. Something VERY big. Like, on a scale from one to ten... Golden Friza's power level (yes, I might be exaggerating a bit).
Here's what happened: I was in my filming class and these people from the local news broadcasting station came in to talk to us and they wanted people who knew how to edit videos and such. They asked if anyone in here had a personal YouTube channel and, of course, I raised my hand. I didn't expect this to happen, but not only did they want me to write down my name as a possible candidate, they wanted to actually see my work. So I sent them the link and now I'm freaking out because what if they like it? Sure, it's just a bunch of AMVs and a few videos of me playing the piano, but what if, right? What if they like it and they want me to work there? I'm pretty much running around dodging bullets here! I, BlackStar, might have a chance to show my face to the world, but am I ready? This website has been up for almost 2 years now and I don't think that I'm ready for this kind of stuff! I don't think it's time for people to see who I am! But hey, maybe I'm just getting too nervous. Everything will be fine right? I'll keep you up to date if anything else on the subject comes up. Until then, I'll see you guys next time! FYI: I will start work on two more AMVs on October 19th. The songs I'll be using this time around will be "Growing Up" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, as well as "Like Toy Soilders" by Eminem. Anyway, that's what coming up and I'll see you guys tomorrow (possibly.) This is BlackStar, logging off!

<![CDATA[i got forth job! (Second one that pays)]]>Wed, 14 Oct 2015 13:16:13 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-for-october-2015/i-got-forth-job-second-one-that-paysPicture
What is up guys? BlackStar here and welcome to the start of a great Wednesday! How is everyone today? If you ask me (which you probably didn't but...), I'm doing good! I got another job and it's the second one that actually pays! What is it you ask? Well... since blogging and making YouTube videos doesn't pay me YET, I first got the job at McDonald's that pays 9 dollars and 15 cents an hour, but now I got another side job that pays good. I cook now! Yes, I learned how to cook and now I cook lunch for my friends when they can't cook for themselves sometimes. They pay me per meal and I'm gonna be making good money off of it. Sure, it's not much, but it's gonna be good. Making a bit of extra money as I go through my senior year of high school. Anyway, what's on the agenda for this week? Well, my school's homecoming dance is this Saturday, so I'm getting ready for that. This week is spirit week, so I've been preparing as much as I can each day. Today's class color day, so seniors wear Red, White, and Blue. OF course, due to my.... young appearance, people still thing that I'm a freshmen! I know! Anyway, I better go before I get sent off onto a rant. Hey, if there's any topics you guys want me to talk about, just comment below or tweet me @Real_Star_Chan on Twitter and I'll see you next time! This is BlackStar, loggoing off!

<![CDATA[halloween is on its way!]]>Sat, 10 Oct 2015 16:50:34 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-for-october-2015/halloween-is-on-its-wayPicture
WHOA! OKAY! That picture is gonna haunt my nightmares.... What is up people! BlackStar here and it's been about a week since we last talked. How is everyone out there on this planet known as Earth? I've been good. As everyone knows, HALLOWEEN is at the end of this month and, as everyone also knows, I LOVE Halloween! If you asked me what my holiday is, Halloween would take the cake AND eat it too. My Halloween AMV for this year is already out and ready to watch. If you wanna watch it, than just clickity-click the button below and jump over to my channel!
Anyway, is everyone ready for the spookfest? I'll be going as the one and only Big Bad Wolf for Halloween because I wanna have a dog-gone good time! (Bad pun is bad). Anyone out there have any awesome costume ideas out there that you wanna share? Comment here or on anything else that I own. I would LOVE to hear what you guys would have to say. Anyway, I better go! I have things to plan and ships to man! I'll talk to yo uguys later and enjoy the rest of your day! This is BlackStar, logging off

let's go people!
<![CDATA[i'm back! and i'm not dead!]]>Thu, 01 Oct 2015 13:56:33 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-for-october-2015/im-back-and-im-not-deadPicture
 *COUGH COUGH*(Oh my GOD this place is dusty! Seriously. We need to get some maintenance on this thing. Wait.. is this thing working? Oh crap it is!) Whoa whoa whoa WELL HELLO THERE EVERYBODY! It is the one, THE ONLY BLACKSTAR CHAN! *Applause* Oh my actual GOD I have been go for so long and you guys deserve an explanation, am I right? I'm gonna be honest with you guys, okay? Here's what happened and I'm gonna try to condense six months of absence into a single paragraph.
Here's what happened. Near the end of March, I was doing my test and such for the end of my junior year, so I didn't really have time to blog. I wanted to wait until the summer started before I got to blogging again so that I could devote most of my time to being here, writing, and working on my YouTube videos. I applied for a job at this store by my house that pays well and I would always work on my break. But you wanna know what happened? MOM TOOK MY LAPTOP. Yeah... No explanation, no reason. She just took it. So I had to wait until the end of the summer to get it back. And then my Senior Year started at the beginning of September, so now it's October and I'm able to be back on.
Now, even though I'm back, it's not all fine and dandy. I have classes, yes, for this year and a few classes to make up from previous years. So I'm gonna be busy. VERY BUSY. I have to put most of my time to my school work. So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna have to change my blog from daily to maybe daily, meaning that I might do it everyday, or I might miss a day or two. But I'll try my best to not to be gone for weeks or months on end. Don't worry guys. I'll still be here when you need me. So, until we meet again my friends! This is BlackStar, logging off!