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On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....NOTHING BECAUSE I'M F**KING SINGLE DX
What is up guys! BlackStar here, along with Axum and Gatsby Haslyn! It is a nice and sunny Tuesday morning, is it not?
Salutations everyone. I hope that you are currently in a better mood than our brother Axum here. He has been what many of you know as "Friendzoned" by a friend of ours who he has had feelings for almost a year now.
*Wipes face* Don't worry about me guys. Today isn't about me. It's about all of us really. I mean, it is almost f**king Christmas right?
So, today guys, we're going to talk about what we hope to receive for Christmas this year. It will be a short blog post, so you won't have to read too much. Who would like to go first?
FINE. I'll go first.

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What is up people! BlackStar here! Hey guys! How's it going? It's been a while since we've last talked. Looks like you guys have been having fun, whereas I was busy abusing a candy cane and soaking it in Mountain Dew. (Proof to the left.) So, I just wanted to take a moment to let you guys know that the website will be getting an update after Christmas on December 26 to be exact. They'll be more blogs, more people, and more STORY TIME WITH PAPA AXUM, seeing that you guys love Axum's Night Before Christmas tale so much. So he'll be doing a story once a month on the second or third Thursday of that month. Also, I WILL BE HALTING THE CREATION OF ALL AMVS until after my midterm exams, so you guys won't probably see one until the third week of January 2015. Please don't be mad! It's just that I'm trying to get my grades up so I'll be studying hard. That doesn't mean that I"m going to stop making AMVS. I have a lot in surplus from the past few months, so you guys will still have a video to watch when the time come around. I will be doing a Channel Update sometime in the next week. Well, that's all I can say for now! This is BlackStar! Logging off!

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Twas the night before Christmas, and all the shit was given!
Every present under a tree, all wrapped in various ribbons!
All the gifts except one, which was for dear old me for it was purposely not meant to be placed under my tree.
Allow me lay out the situation with a simple explanation that is better than anything in your so vague imagination.

I was on the naughty list for murder and kidnapping
And for taking an ax and cutting down tree saplings.
And for homicide, shop lifting, and assault.
(Believe me when I say it wasn't entirely my fault.)
SO...being the boy I am, I tried to change so that Santa would visit me on this Christmas Day.
But FAT BOY would budge, as he told me with great cheer, "Axum, I don't give a fuck! You can try harder next year!"
"But Santa, I swear! I wan't trying to do the crime!"
"Then you shouldn't have stabbed that man 37 times."
I was about to give in, but I decided to stow away on that cookie eating fat ass's giant red sleigh!
I was getting my present! And I was getting in now! And I don't care if I have to melt the North Pole to the ground!
We landed only hours before I expected, and the freezing cold would what I would have selected. I heard them unhook the reindeer and Santa step down (cause I'm sure the presents aren't the heaviest things around.) I could feel the sleigh be pushed to the side, and only moments later I came out from where I choose to hide.
It was dark, it was cold, and it smelled like deer shit. But such foul odors would not make me quit! So I crept out the bag, and sneaked past the the sleeping elves and made my way to the present room so I could help myself.
I entered the present room with the slightest of ease, slipping in and out of the wrapping paper as silent as a flea. My eyes spotted my present, wrapped black with a red ribbon. (Looks like all of the Christmas shit wasn't given.) I grabbed hold of my present and made a dash for my escape, but I somehow tripped an alarm when the present wasn't safe. I head the sirens, flashing with blue and red. But I knew if anyone tried to stop me, I would flatten them dead! I made it back to the stables in an attempt to fly free, but a decision that I had to make was somewhat stalling me. Do I choose Dasher, Dancer, Prancer or Vixen? Comet or Cupid? FUCK IT! I CHOOSE BLITZEN! So I hopped on the reindeer and made it kick open the door, and we went on our flight, dashing into the air and off into the night. So kids, if you're Naughty for Christmas, remember what I have said.

merry christmas to all! now go the fuck to bed

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A RAINBOW UNICORN NAZI! What is up people?! BlackStar here on our technically second day of the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! How is everyone today? I have just woken up from a long night of partying and sleeping. Yeah...it was insane. Anyways, welcome back to the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS celebration! So, I thought that I could take a minute to tell you guys what's going to happen within the next week. Pretty much, you won't be hearing from me much. I'm going to give the gang some of the spotlight for the next week! You'll start with Canti tomorrow, Gatsby on Tuesday, Walter on Wednesday (see what I did there?), Axum on Thursday, and finally me on Friday. After that...we'll just have to see what happens! I'm not going to say any more, except that Cant will be here tomorrow to show off the TOP 10 BEST GIFTS FOR CHRISTMAS! Well, see you guys next time! This is BlackStar, logging off!

<![CDATA[the 12 days of christmas!]]>Sun, 14 Dec 2014 05:34:32 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-from-dec-1st-to-jan-4th-2015/the-12-days-of-christmasPicture
FA LA LA LA LA! LA LA LA LA PEOPLE! What is up?! BlackStar here, along with Axum and Gatsby Haslyn. Welcome to a new tradition we will be starting on the C.S.K. Website! We call it THE 12 DAY OF CHRISTMAS! Now why did we decide on the sudden change in celebration?
Because it's so f**king short and easier to handle.
Thus allowing us to plan more in detail blogs about what we'll be doing on each specific day. It's as if we're taking the classic song and turning it into somewhat of a party.
Like a backwards movie adaptation. Anyways, we'll be having a full 2 weeks of fun filled happiness and excitement, ranging from an awesome meter that goes all the way down to kittens and all the way up to murder sprees. (Walter would be so proud.)
And as an added surprise, the website will be getting a new look on Christmas! I'm talking new layout, new design, new people joining the team. And I'll be adding a extra special new page to the website as well. So keep in mind of that! And as always, we will see you next time! This is BlackStar, logging off!
This is Gatsby, wishing you all a fine afternoon.
And I'm Axum F**king Haslyn. Peace!

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What is up people? BlackStar here. I know, it's really late when I'm posting this. It's about 6:12 when I'm typing this up, which is later than usual because I usually start typing up my blog either at noon or I would type one up today to go up tomorrow and using the automatic posting system Weebly "recommends" that I use. Anyway, how is everyone today? A LOT of you have questions from my last Game Theory I did on Five Nights At Freddy's 2 about two weeks ago and I'm going to answer them pretty so. As for a hint on what I am going to talk about, view the picture above. It gives only a peek into what is to come in the future. Shout out to Wyatt Hunt on DeviantArt for putting this picture together for all of his watchers. I'll be giving him some credit because this picture is kinda the inspiration behind the whole Game Theory, which will be going up on January 5 of 2015 I believe. Wow, how time sure does fly! We'll be going into 2015 already! Okay, I guess I'll see you guys next time! This is BlackStar, logging off!

<![CDATA[a new event]]>Mon, 08 Dec 2014 18:11:15 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-from-dec-1st-to-jan-4th-2015/a-new-eventPicture
WHAT IS UP PEOPLE? BlackStar here on this gloomy Monday morning. Hey guys. How have you been? I've been having a rough week last week. I don't really wanna talk about. Let's just say that I found out who my real friends are. Anyway, over the weekend, I was thinking of something to replace the 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. So I have come up with something, but I won't reveal that until Saturday! Anyways, talk to you later! This is BlackStar, logging off!

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Salutations everyone. Gatsby Haslyn here on the second day of the 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS celebration. How is everyone doing this evening? I am waking up pretty late on this frosty December day. I am here to explain to you all how the schedule for this special event is going to work. As you may have already noticed on the Home Page of the website, we have a schedule set up for the first 7 days of the 25 Days of Christmas. Every seven days, on the final day of that week we will update the schedule and bring you more special things that we will be doing. *Yawns* And that's pretty much it...Tomorrow, the butler will be here for a time. This is Gatsby Haslyn, wishing for you all to have a fine evening and a Merry Christmas 

<![CDATA[the 25 days of christmas!]]>Mon, 01 Dec 2014 22:10:12 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-from-dec-1st-to-jan-4th-2015/the-25-days-of-christmasPicture
What is up people! BlackStar here, along with Axum and Gatsby. IT'S FINALLY HERE! The biggest event in C.S.K. Studios! Welcome to the 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!
YES! F**KING YES! IT'S FINALLY HERE! I can't even begin to describe how stoked I am about this! It's my first one, so don't think that I'm going soft on you guys. I'm just happy. Pretty f**king happy.
I frankly am excited as well. I have been told that this experience is going to be great. BlackStar has told me of the event last year and how it didn't go so well.
Yeah. Towards the end, I kinda forgot about it and ended it early because I didn't have a laptop at the time. But now I do! So yeah! Now, what will be in store? Well you'll just have to come back tomorrow and find out! I would make this blog longer, but I only planned for the first week of the event, so I have to get back to planning! This is BlackStar, logging off!