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What is up people! BlackStar here. I'm typing this up to try out the timer blog option where Weebly will post the blog for me whenever I'm out doing something. If this is right, then the blog should be up at exactly 10 a.m. Anyway, how is everyone today? By the time this goes up, I'll be at my church, helping to unload, sell, and then reload pumpkin to raise money for my Youth Group! I'm trying to do good things so that I can go on this Haunted Halloween Retreat. I've been working on this evil laugh. In other news, I posted a new AMV the other day, so I'll put a link to it in the blog. The song I used this time is Five Nights At Freddy's by The Living Tombstone. It's a good and creepy song, so I had to add it to some anime scenes to make it better. I mean, it's what I do. Anyway, hopefully this works. I'll see you guys Sunday! This is BlackStar, logging off!

Oh and...

happy 5 month anniversary rising dawn!

<![CDATA[Senran Kagura - Anime review]]>Fri, 03 Oct 2014 19:16:19 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-from-july-3rd-to-oct-3rd-2014/senran-kagura-anime-reviewWhat is up people? BlackStar here and welcome to this week's anime review! How is everyone today? I'm doing just fine, seeing that I had to watch this for you guys today. Eh, you'll see why I'm happy. So, this week, I'll be review Senran Kagura, an anime that makes you rethink the way of the ninja. It litterally says that in the show. I'll be review this anime and giving it a grade based on it's story, animation, character designs, soundtrack, the conclusion, and my own personal enjoyment! There are A LOT of characters in this anime, so I won't be able to go over all of them. Just a few really. So, let's get started!


Now, let me just get one thing clear. You see, Senran Kagura is a strange anime. Not strange as in the anime itself, but how the anime came to be. Like most anime, Senran Kagura started out as a manga, which was then turned in a video game (Senran Kagura Burst) and then an anime. Yeah, it's a bit strange. Anyway, let's get started!
Our story begins with Asuka (whose last name is unknown), a 16 year old ninja in training who is sailing to Hanjo Academy to become the best that she can possibly be. Of course, seeing that she just barely  passed her entrance exam, Asuka's training isn't going to be an easy road to travel on. (Then again, with this being an anime and all, everything just works out IN SOME FREAKING WAY.) Upon arrival, Asuka joins up with her other students, who are also her best friends, in at the beginning of the school year at the school. (If you want to learn more about them, click here.)

But that's when disaster strikes on Hanjo Academy when the evil ninjas of Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy steal the sacred Yang Scroll of Power from Hanjo Academy and it's up to Asuka and the good ninjas to take it back! (That's as far into the plot I can get because that's the entire thing. I'm not lying. It seriously is.)

enough of this bull crap! on to the evaluation!

The story

Senran Kagura, disappointingly, has a plot that no one can completely understand. From what I watched, it has a plot in a plot in another plot. You have girl who has to retrieve a scroll while becoming to be the best that she can be while at the same time try to decide whether she's good or evil. It's kinda like a girly Star Wars with a plot too complicated to comprehend. I mean, seriously Senran. Seriously.
Overall Grade: D

OH MY GOD THE ANIMATION. I mean, the animation itself was good. Very detailed. But the character designs were too much! I mean, the fan service in this show is just... Okay, take it this way. It's like if the girls from Bleach and the girls from High School Of The Dead each had a girl who had chest sizes that surpasses the comprehensibility of man. And the worst part is that for each character to achieve a Super Sayain like form, each girl has to strip down to their underwear.
Overall Grade: C-

the animation...

the characters

Besides the designs of the female characters that make it look like someone had a bit too much milk growing up, the characters themselves on a more personality level are all one dimensional. Throughout the entire anime, they NEVER CHANGE. I mean, you put a dollar in and you get the same exact thing out. Each character is different, but some of them are just plain STUPID. I mean, there seriously is a girl who's hobby is, and I quote, "sexual harassment." Don't believe me? Read it and weep.
Overall Grade: B

the soundtrack

The soundtrack for the anime is upbeat and very perky for most of the anime, but completely disappears when it's needed in the battles. I mean, it's good, but it's short and can't really be enjoyed.
Overall Grade: C

personal enjoyment and final grade

Senran Kagura is one of those anime that just lacks more then it should! I mean, it has so much potential, but it ended before anything good could happen! It's a good show to laugh at, but it doesn't have the adventure that the title says! I mean, the actual name of the anime is WAR KAGURA. I give Senran Kagura 7 out of 10. Well, that's all for now! See you guys next week! This is BlackStar, logging off.

next week!

In the sprite of Halloween, let's review an anime where everyone DIES. And I mean that quite literally. Tune in next week as we sneak into the dark world of this anime that takes the meaning of death to a whole new level!


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What is up people! BlackStar here and welcome to the afternoon blog of the STAR SITE'S BIRTHDAY! How is everyone? I had such a long day at school today. I don't really wanna talk about it. I mean, A LOT OF CRAP HAPPENED. Anyway, how is everyone today? I'm just doing this blog because I promised two today instead of one. Walter insisted. (Dammit Walter. The english accent is just so hypnotizing.) Well, that's all for now! This is BlackStar, logging off!

<![CDATA[HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!]]>Wed, 01 Oct 2014 13:06:27 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-from-july-3rd-to-oct-3rd-2014/happy-birthday-to-usPicture
Hello Everyone and welcome to this quite special edition of Walter Wednesday.  you might be wondering two things at this time. One why the hell are you typing in red? And to answer that I am doing things different. I have a guest this time and that guest is none other than Blackstar himself. say hi Blackstar.
What is up everyone! Seriously? For fuck’s sake! He stole my fucking color! Calm down Axum. It’s only a color.
I mean we can always change it when this things goes up live.
I guess that Blackstar has brought a couple of his “acquaintances” to join us today Everyone, please welcome Axum and Gatsby.
Salutations to everyone in this wide place known as the internet“Acquaintances?” Sure. Let’s go with that. Now that is out of the way and we have a couple more guests than expected time for question number two that you guys probably had, and that probably is, why is it a special edition or why is blackstar here. and that is that this is his birthday, well not really it is this websites birthday and we are celebrating it on this glorious wednesday. so what exactly do you want to do on “your birthday”? Walter, it’s not just any birthday. It’s the birthday of the ENTIRE WEBSITE! XD I've only been here for about a month. Will someone please explain to me what’s going on? It’s quite simple brother. Today is the official one year anniversary of this website. Please do try to keep up.
hmm so going on, BlackStar what do you want to talk about on this quite amazing day? I mean it is your celebration after all, you get to decide. It’s not just a celebration for me. It’s a celebration for the thousands of people who come on daily. They’re the ones that I have to thank. As well as Axum and Gatsby. Finally! I get some appreciation around here!
(What are you talking about? I thank you for everything you do.)
(But do I ever get paid to do this? NO!)
(This is a non-profit website!)
(Quit it you too!)
Yes. We really have everyone out there in the world to thank. Without your support, we wouldn't be here today. Exactly, thank you Gatsby for -well- calming those two down You're welcome Walter. I must say, you seem such a polite man, even after a full year with him.
(What’s that suppose to mean?)
(Nothing brother. I say it with love.)
(Sure. You also say it with that smart ass of yours.)
OK. but it has been quite difficult to stay this -well- calm for this long time, i'm sure you have had your moments that you just want to -well- kick his face in a couple times. Please tell me that this question is directed to me. I HAS to be for me!
Sure you can answer as well BlackStar along with Gatsby. Yes! Finally! You can’t BELIEVE how many times an HOUR I just want to beat the living s**t out of these two. Seriously, I have some of the best ideas! They just NEVER LISTEN. What are you talking about? I listen to you all the time Axum. Really? Did you remember to update the Rules like I told you to?
...Yes… *Laughs* No you didn't. Because I had to. Well Axum, the Rules are like the constitution to this website, you cannot just go changing them all the time. Especially to “your” standards. What’s wrong with my standards? 
One of your rules was “Axum will get all of the cookies.”
Another one was “Axum gets all of the ladies.”
What are you saying? I can’t catch myself a girl?
You can't even catch yourself a cold, much less anything else at that matter.
BURN. Looks like you might need a burn heal Ax! :D

Wow, well hasn't this turn out JUST the way i thought it would. but i believe that is all the time we have for today. i just want to say thanks to all of you for coming and supporting all the random shenanigans that we do and happy birthday Blackstarrules.weebly.com. But see Walter. That’s where you're wrong. Wait I have to hear this. I'm never wrong. please do tell. This blog will be going up at dawn of the birthday, followed by one being posted in the afternoon, and a video that I will be posting on my YouTube Channel. It’s gonna be a channel trailer, but it’s going to be fun. Plus, Gatsby and Axum here have agreed to help with with another video in the works. An AMV if you will.
(WELL YOU DO NOW.) Now, I would sign off, but this is only the beginning! See you all later for the rest of this birthday celebration! And enjoy this gif of Elmo.
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Salutations everyone. My name is Gatsby Haslyn and welcome you all to this week's Game Theory, hosted by The Star Site.
Wow. I think that's the most proper and polite opening to any blog to date today.
I agree. Anyway...What is up people! BlackStar here and welcome to Monday's Game Theory! This week-
This week, we'll be diving deeper into the most f***ed up dreams of Mario's younger and weaker brother Luigi and try to find a deeper meaning to the sh** that happens in them!
(No fair! You cut me off!)
(Well excuse me princes! I was just trying to help!)
( *Sigh* Fine. It's just find.) This game theory is a continuation from last week, so if you missed last week, hit the button below. Don't worry. We'll wait.
Oh! Good! You've returned. That didn't take long. Anyway, we left off last week by foreshadowing that the dreams that Luigi has in Mario and Luigi: Dream Team hold a deeper and darker meaning to them. 
For anyone who has played the game knows that the Dream's Deep is a pretty messed up place! I mean, when you're going through this part of the game, (and spoiler: you do it twice) you can hear Luigi's deepest thoughts and intentions. But there is one thing that Luigi says that stands out to all of us
"I can help! Take me with you! I'm not clumsy!" are a few recurring ones, but the most shocking one is 
Don't leave me. It's the number one thing he says in every area of this game! When you're going through the real world, he says it when you battle in the dream world. HE EVEN SAYS IT WHEN HE'S TURNING INTO A FREAKING TITAN. 
If you don't get it now, then allow me to explain. Mario has many games out, 28 or 29 in total, if you count the Mario Kart series and every off series Mario game. Now, with that in mind, Luigi on the other hand has only 3 games that I know of. Luigi's Mansion, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and Mario was missing. And In all three games, Luigi has to save Mario every time, who, in return, doesn't give any form of thanks or any thing else. He just jumps away to his next game!
Pretty much, we get inside Luigi's head.
For every game that he's in with Mario, he's always the backseat driver. He never really gets in on the action. Even in Mario Kart.

t's actually pretty sad really. I mean, he's probably one of the strongest characters in the Mario Universe. In the Mario and Luigi series games, Luigi is always stronger than Mario in all statistics. He has the most HP and the best attacks.
Not to mention that he has a higher jump and has some badass stealth. I mean, I can even BEGIN to count the amount of times Luigi has gotten into enemy places without detection.
There's also his technological advantage that he has over Mario. With the many machines at his disposal, Luigi is an Armada in waiting. Plus, Mario's biggest enemy, The Boos they're called, are afraid of Luigi, see that he's taken down the King Boo many times. 
I guess that wraps up  this theory quite nicely!
I agree. See you all next week for the next game theory. This is Gatsby, wishing you all a fine afternoon.
This is BlackStar, logging off.
And this is Axum. Peace Mother F**kers!


Being a fan favorite in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, the blast mask does have a certain kick to it. But what exactly makes it explode? Well, let me tell you. It's NOT GUNPOWDER. Found out next week here ON THE STAR SITE!
(Also, I might bring Walter into this. He does like things that go boom :3)
<![CDATA[Wow, it's been a while - THINGS OF THE WEEK!]]>Sun, 28 Sep 2014 14:33:45 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-from-july-3rd-to-oct-3rd-2014/wow-its-been-a-while-things-of-the-weekWhat is up people! BlackStar her. Welcome to the Sunday THINGS OF THE WEEK! Wow! It has been such a long time since I have done this. I guess I've been a bit busy. Anyway, how is everyone today? I'm doing this just before I head out for my day out on the town! But first, let me explain what is happening. Throughout last week, I have handpicked one item for each of the four categories below. Just stay tuned and you'll see. So, let's get started!


This week's picture of the week award goes to "Family According to Batman." I nearly died laughing when I saw this on my Facebook page. Tell me, how come when we need an example for anything, we always use Batman?




File Size: 7335 kb
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This week's SONG OF THE WEEK is "Super Avicii" by Jwktje. Enjoy!


This week's PERSON OF THE WEEK Award goes to Kaylena Orr! She' a friend that I met through YouTube and she's amazing! She does makeup, but also does many other videos, such as Top 10's and many other awesome subjects. She's outgoing, perky (but not the annoying kind of perky) and is always looking on the sunny side of things! Congrats Kaylena!
Well, that's all for now people! I have to get to church before I get yelled at. This is BlackStar, logging off!
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What is up people! BlackStar here and to your left, you'll see what the inside of a robot bear looks like. Yeah. Sorry! XD I'm up pretty early because MOTHER woke me up for something that I may or may not be doing today. On our calender, today is marked as "World Wide Day Of Play." I don't even know what that is, much less where it is, but mother makes it sound fun. I'll do a follow up blog when I get back. But until then! This is BlackStar, logging off!

<![CDATA[Nazo No Kanojo X - Anime Review PART 2]]>Fri, 26 Sep 2014 18:14:59 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-from-july-3rd-to-oct-3rd-2014/nazo-no-kanojo-x-anime-review-part-2Warning: The anime that is undergoing review deals with mild sexual topics and other means of disgust. View digression is advised.
What is up people! BlackStar here and welcome to the Friday Anime Review! This is part two of my Nazo No Kanojo anime review. If you missed part one, hit the button below to read it. Don't worry, I can wait. Open it up in a new tab and come back later.
Oh good! You're back. I was starting to get tired.

Now then, when we last left off, a certain girl had entered into Tsubaki's life, am I right?
Four months into his rather strange relationship with Urabe, Akira Tsubaki crosses paths with his old middle school crush Hayakawa Aika. (So Aika is an actual name...Aika Village Game Theory reference confirmed.)  After barely recognizing her, seeing that she had cut her hair short, the two begin to exchange memories they had back in middle school together. Little doe Tsubaki know that Aika here...was falling in love with him.

Afterwards, the two start spending time together and Urabe get's jealous and- wait. Never mind. I'll let you guy watch it for yourself to see what happens. Why?


The Story

Mysterious Girlfriend X is possibly one of the most unique anime plots ever. It was produced from a studio known as Bad Cat (which I have never heard of before), but it's really good. If you can get past the drool factor, it's a rather enjoyable anime!
Overall Grade: B+

The animation is basic, not too extravagant. Average storytelling with nice artwork and amazing design. I mean, the animators didn't go overboard on the character designs and I rather enjoy them. It's cute, but special in a way at the same time. Of course, Walter would disagree, probably saying that it could of been better but


Overall Grade: A

The Animation

The Characters

The characters of Nazo No Kanojo are all one dimensional in a way. Tsubaki's a boy who's in love. Urabe's is a girl who's insecure about her choices, and everyone else is just a side character who we really don't get to learn much about them. I mean, all that we really get out of them is a name and just an inch of a back story, but that's it.

Overall Grade: C

The Soundtrack

The music within the show is highly delightful at times. It's sweet, but adds this sense of eerie atmosphere to the show. There's a difference between when when they're actually away in the show and when they're asleep. The music goes from real to an illusion of fun when really it'll be making you want to hold onto your Alucard collectible plushie while you watch more.
Overall Grade: A+ 

Since I'm a heartless bastard, I'm not going to tell you how the anime ends, but I can describe it. It leaves you wanting more. I mean, in a romance anime, the show is suppose to end when the couple kisses, but that doesn't happen. Instead, it makes you want to read the actually manga to see what comes next. Or you could just let your mind wander. Your choice.
Overall Grade: B

The Conclusion

Personal Enjoyment And Final Grade

The anime is interesting. I mean, it only takes about an episode or two for someone to get over that drool factor. Everything else is all fun and joyful, but it's also quite serious. If you can make it around the concept of drool, then you should be able to both watch it an enjoy it. With all of the categories added in and after letting it sit for over two weeks, I give Nazo No Kanojo
That's an A in my book. But hey! That's just my opinion. Go see for yourself and I'll let you be the judge and tone in next week for the next anime review! This is BlackStar, logging off!


Ninjas, Girls, an obnoxious narrator and fan-service all in one, it's an anime that makes you rethink what being a ninja is all about! 


<![CDATA[Depression with Comparison]]>Thu, 25 Sep 2014 16:41:31 GMThttp://blackstarrules.weebly.com/blogs-from-july-3rd-to-oct-3rd-2014/depression-with-comparisonPicture
What is up people! BlackStar here. Happy Thursday to everyone. How is everyone today? I'm a bit pissed off. My laptop somehow got corrupted and I lost all of the videos and the pictures that I needed for the site. Yeah, a bit annoying really. Anyway, the rant I have for you guys today is about comparisons, and how much people hate it. It depends on their point of view.
You see, everyone once in a while we see someone on television - most of the time it's a kid who is a prodigy - that has possibly accomplished something that you can't. I remember once I saw a 13 year old by who created his own personal nuclear reactor IN HIS BASEMENT. Yeah, it was that interesting. There's nothing wrong with being a bit jealous of a think like this, but I remember being at a friend's house when it came on and my friend didn't find it as interesting as I did. For this blog, I shall refer to my friend as Excalibur.

Now then, as soon as the news report went off, Excalibur's parents went on and on about how they wanted their son to be more like the boy on the TV. It would have been fine if they didn't go onto YouTube and find other videos, then proceed to compare him to tons of other children. It got to the point where EXCALIBUR CRIED. True we were only 10 at the time, but still! It was terrible! I mean, it was terrible to watch this! Of course, being once again only 10 at the time, I didn't develop the nerve to talk back to them or even defend him back then. Yeah, it was tough. But what I'm trying to say is that it wasn't nice for them to talk to him like that! For the rest of that day, I remember him wanting to run away from home because he thought that his parents didn't want him anymore. I comforted him and his parents apologized, so everything worked out. But it still wasn't acceptable in the first place! I mean, no kid out there wants to hear that there's someone better than them. It's a scientific fact. You're suppose to inspire them to be the best that they can, not make them feel like utter crap! I mean, seriously people! Seriously! It doesn't affect just children. It affects adults as well!
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So, I drew a logo today for my friend Kaylena Orr. And it looks rather cute. What is up people! BlackStar here and welcome to my Wednesday review. Turns out, I don't rant until tomorrow. But then again, I don't really know what to rant about. (If you have an idea, leave a comment!) Anyway, how was everyone's day today? I spent my day at school drawing the fabulous logo to your left. It's for my friend Kaylena Orr, also known as KatieKat! She's a friend of mine that I met through YouTube and I love talking to her, so I decided to help out. I'll leave a link at the end, which is now because I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO TALK ABOUT! This is BlackStar, logging off!

Become a KatieKat!